Homework Games for Summer – Maths

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a picture showing some maths games

The next few articles on the 123ICT curriculum blog, will be sets of web links based on subject areas.

Teachers can use them to guide the children into learning or practising what you would like them to learn!

We all know it is quite unrealistic and undesirable to pile lots of homework on to children for the summer holiday as they are changing class, going away etc which all contributing to making it difficult. So if you are concerned that six weeks without doing any school works puts children back,why not send a set of games home for parents to share with their children?

There are many free maths games at websites such as Primary Games and below are other recommended sites for Maths Games :

ICT Games Choose from number facts, time, shape and measures, money, place value and more, all are targeted at KS1.

Maths games for KS1

TopMarks – KS1 Maths Games

Maths Zone  – has games for KS 1 and 2

Interactive maths games – from Woodland School

Mad 4 Maths – lots of fun games

Coolmath Games – lots of fun!  Many maths aspects are covered.

Maths is fun  – games from EYFS up to year 12

Primary Games Arena – Maths games

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