The History of Bicycles

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This is a collection of links about the bicycle; it covers the history and safety of this popular mode of transport. If you have great links that could be added to this collection, please send them to us for inclusion.

Bicycle Facts for Kids   Find information on different types of bicycles, brakes, pedals, tyres, recreational cycling, professional cycling and much more. Read on for a wide range of interesting trivia and information related to bicycles.

History of the Bicycle  – This site gives a simple timeline about the history of bicycles. It also includes safety tips.

A History of Bicycles – With some great pictures and sketches.

Around the World on a Penny Farthing Bicycle – Thomas Stevens circumnavigated the World in 1884. This is an interesting article! It is also fascinating to see the video of the man getting on to the penny farthing.

History of the Bicycle– Video.

Free Teacher Guide  With a lesson plan about bicycles. This is a free Lesson Plan for primary aged pupils. Discover Bicycles,  is a guide to help teach children about the world’s favourite form of transportation, it covers the development from its invention, the sporting events that we now have and the part it has played in the history of transport.