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A Hindu ShrineIn our multi-cultural society, teaching about world religions, festivals and celebrationshis helps children to develop a knowledge,  understanding and tolerance of the world around them.

To assist in your lesson planning we have provided a list of useful website links related to Hinduism:

A Hindu Shrine

Hinduism for children – an old site but lots of useful information written for young children.

BBC Religion for schools – Hinduism, great resources for schools.

Ancient India – This beautiful British Museum site focuses on six themes about Ancient India which include Geography, the Indus Valley and Early Hinduism.

Diwali Suitable for children from 7 – 9 years, this ‘slide show’ presents how the Hindu people of Jaipur in India celebrate Diwali. It has captions for each slide and also the story of Ramayna.

Interactive activities about Hinduism Great resources for the IWB share by the Welsh Government.

Information on Hinduism by Mandy Barrow, a great collection of information about Hinduism.

Topic Box on Hinduism with some great stories.

Hinduism Activities for children – this site has lots of advertising, it is better for teachers than children.

REonline  A powerful searchable index of RE resources that puts you in touch with excellent learning resources related to six major world faiths.
Teddy’s Day Out  A  game to help young children learn the signs and symbols connected with six major world faiths.
Holy Days and Festivals This multifaith calendar by the BBC shows religious festivals and celebrations from eight world faiths.