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Health and PHSE ResourcesGloucestershire Healthy Living and Learning have developed for schools to help with health and PHSE Issues.

They provide a whole set of generic resources labelled for ages individually. Specifically for ages 4 – 11 there are three main sections:

Facts 4 Life

Facts4life is the main section and this deals with health issues:

Quotation form the site:

“We all get ill at times – some of us more than others. Over a lifetime we experience illness in many different forms. How do we react to being ill? How do we deal with it? Is illness always such a bad thing?

Facts4life is a visionary approach to health education which links knowledge about health and illness with a positive message. It is about how we can manage illness effectively throughout our lives, giving children – and adults – clear ideas of what to expect in life and better tools for self-caring. By understanding key ‘facts for life’ we can take more responsibility for our health and make better choices.

This resource for primary schools makes the Facts4life messages accessible and engaging for children. The

provides a bedrock for existing issue-based health education initiatives, helping children to develop a holistic understanding of health and illness.”(Facts4life)

There are resources for teachers and children available for download. There is a zipped folder of resources made up of PDFs covering all sorts of issues for both teachers and children – such as:  asthma, cancer, strokes, vaccinations, chickenpox and more.

Other Resources

The other two sections, Mental Health and LGBT are actually book lists suitable for very young children.

The generic resources offered there may also be useful, they cover many more specific Health and PHSE issues which may be useful in some situations.

Health and PHSE Resources