Green Ninja – Climate Action Super Hero

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Green Ninja - A climate Action Super HeroGreen Ninja is a climate action superhero whose plan is to teach children all about climate change and help them to understand what causes it and what can be done to reverse it.

Green Ninja’s Mission (taken from their website):

“To educate young people about our changing climate and give them the inspiration and tools to do something about it.

The Green Ninja Project is an educational initiative to inspire interest in the science and solutions associated with our changing climate. Adventures of the Green Ninja – a superhero – are told in a youth-oriented and humorous way, but grounded in science and data. Related educational materials are used to support teachers in the classroom and promote hands-on learning experiences for students. Green Ninja short films are popular on YouTube, with a current viewership of over 1,000,000. Viewers include K-12 teachers who use Green Ninja films and accompanying educational materials to promote interest and engagement in the STEM-related field of climate science.” (Green Ninja Project)

This project has created a whole set of fun, cartoon videos which will appeal to older children. They all seem like games; however, all have a very serious message.  On the site, there are lots of teaching resources, lesson plans, video guides and more to accompany the films. There are also many science workshop materials on the site, though I think some of these may be too old for primary school children – the whole set is developed for middle school so it is necessary to check the resources prior to using them in class.

Green Ninja - A climate Action Super Hero