The Great App Checklist and Other Useful Apps

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The Great App Checklist

The Great App Checklist and Other Useful Apps. David Willey Publishers have provided a useful app checklist (link below) as part of their advertising for what looks to be a very useful book about mobile learning.

In the same advertising, there are several apps which, although primarily designed for American educators and students, look like they could possibly be useful to teachers in this country, particularly the free SAS Reading Record!

SAS Reading Record

For educators:

•Classroom management—Take advantage of the suite of tools for assigning, organizing, and reviewing students’ running records.

•Evaluation—Evaluate students’ performance with the easy-to-use markup interface.
•Library of reading passages—Choose from a robust library of leveled, illustrated reading passages: fiction and non-fiction, English and Spanish, various Lexile® levels.
•Comprehension assessments—Assess students’ comprehension of each passage with built-in multiple-choice, open-ended, and retell questions.
•Performance reports—View detailed reports documenting student- and class-level performance and progress.
•Create your own—Add reading passages and comprehension questions.

For students:
•Record—Complete assignments using the simple recording interface without the intimidation of reading to an audience.
•Assess—Show what you know with the student-friendly space for answering comprehension questions.
•Review—Access previously completed and graded running records for review.”

Math Stretch

Also the Math Stretch looks particularly useful and is also free. This looks like a great app to use to stretch advanced learners, maybe as a homework activity. Activities include the:

Place Picker – Build numbers by placing the correct value in each position.
Ordering Numbers – Arrange numbers in order from lowest to highest.
Largest or Smallest – Find the largest or smallest number among a collection.
Skip Counter – Complete number patterns of varying difficulty.
Number Bonds – Complete the number bond from a selection of numbers.
Number Comparison – Compare numbers (both whole numbers and fractions).
Even/Odd – Sort numbers into evens and odds.
Number Line – Add and subtract using a number line.
Find the Time – Manipulate the hour and minute hand to display the correct time.
Time Conversion –Convert time measurements to hours, minutes, and seconds.
Pi – Practice building pi and see how many places you can memorize.
Hundred Chart –Identify missing numbers in a chart containing numbers from 1 to 100.
Math Drag-and-Drop – Count, add, and subtract using number blocks, a virtual math manipulative.
Ten Grid – Count in groups of 10.
Math Grid – Add and subtract using number grids.
Daily Numbers – View three new numbers every day. Practice writing the word form and take a photo of the number in action.

Math Stretch


The SAS Writing Navigator is a suite of tools that provides guidance and support throughout the writing process: planning, drafting, revising, and publishing.

  • Determine purpose and audience
  • Transform your plan into a first draft
  • Refine your draft and gather research information
  • Complete your research and finish your essay

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