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Gooseberry PLanetGooseberry Planet offers a complete toolkit to teach children about online safety, the use of social media, cyber bullying and grooming with lesson plans that depend on gamification to inspire and motivate children.

“Children love playing games and Gooseberry Planet is a fun way to present Internet safety situations to them. The software platform facilitates the participation of parents and teachers to discuss with their children/students the issues raised in the game and to monitor their reactions to the situations. Internet safety is part of Personal, Social, Health and Economic (PSHE) education and Computing in schools. However, many schools don’t know how to teach the subject. It is very difficult to keep up with the trends and stay in touch with what their students are using.   Gooseberry Planet has a number of Apps for schools, which will facilitate the intervention of teachers and parents.

We offer a complete solution for the whole school community, ensuring that every child is taught for a minimum of 12 weeks (1 hour per week) in each and every year of their primary school education!”(

There is a blog called Gooseberry AlertTips of the week

The blog post is free for all to use,  it gives a student tip of the week, a teacher thought for the week and a parent tip of the week. It shares handouts to help parents deal with online safety such as this week’s offering “Parent Handout on  WhatsApp”.  Other titles covered in the blog are Responsibilities of the Educational Institution, Protecting Children from Online Dangers, Safeguarding Generation Z Online and more.

Gooseberry School has a huge list of topics covered – included in the rather more unusual aspects of Clickjacking, Live Gaming, Radicalisation and in-App purchases. There is a teachers’ area where they can track their class and there are nine to ten games covering each aspect for children to work through. There is also CPD for teachers offered.

Gooseberry Parent has lots of help for parents.

Gooseberry Playground has been designed for ages 4-7 year olds. There is audio added for this age group so that starting readers can access it.

Gooseberry Street has been designed for 8-13 year olds. The scenarios in this section include Facebook and other social networking sites. It starts to address the use of web cams and live gaming.

I can’t find any price per pupils, or school. I guess that you need to talk to them to get that information. It looks to be a very useful resource for the whole school and wider school community, well worth looking at!

Gooseberry Planet