Gooseberry Planet E-Safety App

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Gooseberry Planet E-safety App
Gooseberry Planet is a fun game app that’s designed for children to play, whilst teaching them about being safe on-line. The game covers: emails, privacy settings, stranger danger, cyber-bullying, posting selfies and much more.

Throughout the game children will navigate through each of the four levels, playing out real life situations as they go. In each scenario, the child will have to make decisions and react to the given situation. If they get the response right, they gain points. If they make mistakes, they lose points.

Parents or teachers will also be able to watch and track their children’s progress through the FREE Parallel Parent App. This will also give hints and tips to help start a conversation about internet safety and therefore will also be part of their learning journey.

Gooseberry Planet E-safety App

Gooseberry Planet was written by a mum for her own children; she wanted to be involved in their learning about keeping safe on-line, but no apps actually offered her what she wanted. Everything she found was aimed at parents and not the children.

See her own story in the following video:

This would be a good app to use in class or to advertise in a newsletter or parents’ e-safety session, some parents may welcome this information.

Where to get Gooseberry Planet:

IOS (£1.49)

Android (£1.58)