Giving Access to Clean Water around the World

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Giving Access to Clean Water around the WorldIn the UK,  we take water for granted. We turn on the tap and it is there, plentiful, fresh, hot or cold. It pours from the sky quite frequently and surrounds our little island. However, unfortunately, it is not the same all around the world!

One Drop

One Drop. This is not a children’s site but it has some amazing videos and photographs as well as some horrifying facts. Teachers may like to cherry pick from the often adult content here.

Lack of access to water is the harsh reality for millions worldwide.  2.4 billion people live without access to adequate sanitation. Millions of women and girls walk for miles on end  every single day to fetch and carry water. This is the only way they can have any water to: drink, cook, wash themselves, their clothes and clean. The time this task takes every single day means that there is little time for education of any sort.

The One Drop charity works around the globe to get fresh water and sanitation to communities through a series of projects. The site gives simple facts about the project, how long it has been running and how many people it has helped. It shows the current status of each project. This site is well worth the time it takes to look for images and facts, whilst thinking about water in a global sense.

The Goldin Institute

The Goldin Institute. This is a similar website to One Drop; again there are projects, facts, figures, videos and photographs. The project – Solving the Water Crisis in Mindanao – shows the video below.  It would also be interesting for our children to see a little of the Filipino geography, through the eyes of the children that live there.

Through this project, community and educational leaders have brought both sides of the civil war to work together to ‘Win the Peace’ by solving a critical need in the region.” (The Golden Institute) This critical need was access to fresh water and putting water pumps  into schools.

The video above features the work of Goldin Institute Global Associate Dr. Susana Anayatin and the team of local volunteers who are solving the water crisis in war-torn Mindanao, one school at a time.

Giving Access to Clean Water around the World