Get a little help from your friends with Poetica

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PoeticaPoetica is a new collaborative writing tool, just out in beta. If you wish to try it, simply visit the website and sign up. You could then get a little writing help from your friends  – whether you’re writing a blog post, e-mail, or story, a friend can really help to get your message across better, by checking your work with you and making suggestions as you go. Poetica makes it easy to ask friends to read and feed back on your text. It’s for anything you may be struggling to write, or merely want a second opinion on – and it can be used anywhere on the web. I can see this being really useful for groups of teachers working on policy documents, as well as being used in the classroom. It may also be useful where children have writing buddies and may even help to inspire boys’ writing!

Poetica claims to be “A unique collaborative experience where the intuitive interface puts you in control of your text. It allows you to:

  • Quickly accept and reject changes made to your words;
  • Share and edit text from anywhere you are writing on the web”


Get a little help from your friends with PoeticaYou can work with your friends and colleagues in real-time – it easily imports Word and pdfs so, even if someone has started working on something elsewhere, it can be used in this program. Poetica also automatically saves work as you go!

Why not give Poetica a try and see if it is something that you would find useful?