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Free Vintage ImagesFor anyone covering recent history such as various decades of the 20th Century, or art work a very long time before that even,  there are lots of wonderful, free images here which could be used to illustrate historical  work.

This example could be used for the discussion – do we have the same problem? Can we walk into a shop and buy products to kill rats, mice and bed bugs? If we put stuff in out beds is it safe for us? Was it safe then?  I can imagine endless discussions about health, hygiene and a comparison of old and modern life styles from this one!


Free Vintage Images
In this second example, I thought about the history of fashion – there is much to support such a study here.


This is not a royalty free photographic company, but a one man enterprise. He claims: “We are a public domain image repository. We are a site where you come to explore and discover treasures that were left behind by the great designers that came before you. A place to find inspiration and designs that you can re-use in your creative projects. If you are expecting shutterstock, you will probably be disappointed. We aren’t trying to re-create the wheel, we are trying to create one place where you can come to be inspired to create something amazing.”(Vintage Images)