Free Video Conference Tools

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Free Video Conference ToolsThere are a great number of Free Video Conference Tools available in this collection. Many of them would be fine to use in a classroom setting. Wouldn’t it would be great for the children to interview someone? It could be the local vicar, or a class in a similar school in another area or even another country. It could be an author or illustrator –  it may be someone with specialist knowledge in a museum, there are many who will chat to children for a 30 minute slot. The possibilities are endless and could be done easily by employing video conference tools.

You could decide to do something like projecting a class performance into an old folks home or a hospital, the possibilities are only limited by one’s imagination. In the past it could be quite a palaver to take children to sing at a local old folks home – permission letters, transport, safety issues, weather issues – there was so much to consider. These days, with the aid of video conferencing,  you could simply turn a laptop computer towards the choir and let them sing.  By setting up another computer in the old folks home to receive the video call and project it on to a big screen, the performance could be enjoyed by the audience without the children having had to leave the school! This could be done simply by using video conferencing technology, it is not so difficult at all – it could even be done with a good quality smart phone.

Any teachers who are not already familiar with video conference tools could look at the free software links provided in this set, choose one that suites their needs and have a go. Don’t try to do anything with the children at your fist attempt – try contacting a group of teachers on a staffroom to staffroom call first, just to build confidence and competence but it is so easy to do and completely free. Depending on your needs, there is almost certainly a suitable tool in this set.