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Free Kids BooksFree Kids Books is a great website for teachers. It houses a collection of free, read online, or downloadable as PDFs, children’s picture books. They would certainly add to classroom resources, if extras are needed.

“Free Kids Books is a growing library of unique children’s books and literary resources available for download in a user friendly PDF format. We aim to provide easy access to great free children’s books and resources, for the enjoyment of reading and writing, and to promote improved literacy standards, and thus improved lives.” (Free Kids Books)

The books are separated in to three categories: Toddlers  for very young, early years and foundation stage; Children, which covers  the primary age range and Young Adults.

The first book on offer is called How Far Is Far?  by Sukanya Sinha and Vishnu M Nair.. This book is a “fun look at measurements using common objects that children can understand. It is a great book for children in early grades learning measurement concepts of 1 metre, 10 metres, 100 metres, 1000 metres…all the way up to how far away is the sun.” A great extra for if any children who are struggling with the concept of distance, or for the whole class on a set of iPads etc., as it is freely available as a PDF. There is no charge; all the lady who collects them wants is for users to leave a comment.

Free Kids Books

The site also contains a few non-fiction books; for example, one about learning to fly with fun facts about flying an aeroplane and one about microbes. There is something there for most classes, completely free, beautifully illustrated and for use on electronic devices too as PDFs.