Free copyright clipart or photographs for use in education

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Free copyright clipart or photographs for use in educationTeachers and students continually put themselves in danger of breaking copyright rules as they download images and pictures to use in their work! It is a great pity because finding good quality, free to use images is not difficult if you know where to look. Free copyright clipart or photographs for use in education offers a list of resources!

There are lots of websites that provide images free for educational use and it is worth schools having some of these in their regular bookmarks lists. It is also important for pupils to get into good habits before they go into the work place where misdemeanors of the copyright kind may not be forgiven as easily as in educational settings.

Free copyright clipart or photographs for use in education

These ten sites are recommended as they give a good range of free images including clip-art, animations and photographs:

  1. Open Clip Art  – A vast collection of collections of copyright free clip art and images. The odd picture asks for accreditation but very few. This site is an ideal starting point!
  2. Harry the Cat – This animation archive has thousands of free animations for use in school. Listed alphabetically but the drop downs give category lists. (The mouse and mousepad is from this site.)
  3. Pics4Learning – Image Use Policy: “The Pics4Learning collection is intended to provide copyright friendly images for use by students and teachers in an educational setting. The original photographers of each image retain the copyright to these images and have graciously allowed their use in this collection.”
  4. Digital Media –  A vast collection of nature photographs with some video, free to use but please credit the photographer.
  5. Morgue File – This is a huge range of photographs, free for use, just do not claim it as your own or sell it!
  6. Berkley University has a huge collection of photographs in its library.  Details about the use of each one is linked into the information about the picture, mostly it is just crediting the photographer but please check when you use one.
  7. – There are hundreds of free clip art images for personal use available here.
  8. Edupics – This is a strange site with loads and loads of colouring in pages – it nearly didn’t make this collection but teachers may well use things like the facial expressions, games boards, playing cards etc in preparation for lessons.
  9. Funfonix – This sites contains line images of many common words which make useful for worksheets. As they are black and white they photocopy well although the quality of some of the drawings is a little suspect (I had a hard job knowing which was a dog and which was a fox 🙂 It was the tail that gave it away!)
  10. School discovery education – A collection of curriculum themed clip art.
  11. Clip Art Lord – A lovely collection of clipart covering a wide range of topics.