Free Advent Calendars

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So December is with us again and it is time to start thinking about Christmas plays and songs. Advent calendars, much loved by old and young are great to set the scene.

Advent calendars were made in Germany to celebrate and count down through Advent to Christmas Eve on December 24th.

Recently it has become a custom to make fairly elaborate “calendars” to hold chocolates or sweets, most children have these at home, but having an electronic one would be a great way to count down in school. All of these of course could be followed at home over the weekends and the last few days until Christmas.

I love the Liverpool Museums calendar, snow can be turned on if required. Educational facts are hidden behind the windows.

Liverpool Museums


The Woodland Trust is offering several free Advent Calendars for download

Woodland trust Advent Calendars

From Boowakwala … one that you could put up on the IWB in the morning 

Advent Calendar

 Woodlands Schools Advent Calendar hides little customs about Christmas.

Woodlands School Advent Calendar

Have a wonderful December and an enjoyable count down to Christmas!