Food Around the World

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foodFood around the World is an interesting study and children enjoy learning about all the places their food comes from. These days it is necessary for children to have a good understanding of food and nutrition and how it affects health. Here are some web links to help in a study about food around the world.

Our Food Our World from Oxfam

This set of lesson plans looks at foods from around the world, and builds understanding of other children’s cultures and lives.

The resource includes:

  • a series of photographs of Yamini from India and Luis from Mexico
  • information about the Yamini and Luis’s lives
  • lesson plans
  • tasty tomato salsa and mango milkshake recipes for you to try” (Oxfam)

All of the lesson plans can be downloaded freely, they are great for KS 2.

Food, a Fact of Life – This site provides resources for different age ranges starting from 3 – 5 years, moving to 5 – 8 and then 8 – 11 and upwards. There are things here for the whole primary school range. One particularly nice resources is the addition of stories about food, again, they are age related.

The stories have been designed to support cross-curricular/ inter-disciplinary learning and are accompanied by a variety of classroom resources, such as presentations, videos, worksheets and interactive whiteboard activities.  Each story is supported by a teachers’ guide, child friendly worksheets and interactive whiteboard activities. The resources have been tested in schools, are free to download and can be edited to better suit your needs.” (Food a Fact of Life)

Foodies for Schools – This site offers sets of KS1 and KS2 lesson plans about food, eating healthily,  transporting food around the world etc.

BBC Bitesize – Offers several video clips that could be used in this topic, about vegetables being grown here in the UK when in season and then imported into the country at other times, or for variety.

Food Around the World

  Choosing our Food is a KS2 activity pack about local food, free to download from Face-Online.

The Countryside Classroom – Has 273 resources linked with the search on food. including:

  • Why farming matters
  • A history of salt in Britain
  • A brief history of sweetcorn
  • A history of sugar
  • A milking Timeline
  • A potted history of British food

And lots more!

Grainchain – Has developed a set of primary lesson plans to help pupils learn where food comes from, including:

  • How to grow wheat
  • How to make a pizza
  • How grain is healthy
  • How to make scones