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More Food Around the World LinksThis is a further collection of food around the world links, it is such a huge topic and there are so many resources available that I felt that a second compilation, to my last, was needed!

Fact Monsters  – This site has a short collection of interesting national dishes along with a massive set of links, many about food, including who grows the most, fruit fun facts, smart versus junk food and more besides.

Food a Fact of Life KS1 – Provides a guide to healthy eating , which includes a teacher’s guide.  There are downloadable resources and lesson ideas and the site also includes: a set of key facts, energy guidance, make a healthy lunch box and make a balanced plate. It also includes sections on Food and Farming and Cooking. There are lots of videos to help learning too!

For KS2 there are similar titles and resources:

The World Food Programme – This is a site designed for adults but has lots of facts about hunger and fighting hunger. It may be really useful to find some of the facts to show the possible lack of food around the world.

Where does our food come from? – This is a great resources shared by the TES. “Where do our foods come from? What and where are the origins of some of our favourite foods? What happens to foods from their origins to our plates? This is a sequence of lessons that begins with a game matching some packages of food to plant origins and countries on the world map. It explores the process and journey of foods (eg bananas and coffee) from the plant to plate, and it ends with sharing storyboards documenting the ‘life’ of particular foods.” (TES)

World Food Animation. There is an interesting (American) animation from the University of Illinois, it shows where in the world common foods come from. It would be great as an introduction to the topic.

ScienceTown – This site introduces the concept of food miles.

Science Netlinks – Has a collection of lessons around the topic of food: growing it, where it comes from etc.

More Food Around the World Links