Food and Nutrition

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Food and NutritionKnowledge of food and nutrition is increasingly important as levels of obesity rise, especially within children. This collection of links has been collated to support the study of food and nutrition in the classroom.

EverySchool  This site has a set of, KS2 Science, food and nutrition resources available for teachers to use:

Save time searching the internet for great science KS2 food interactive teaching resources, let us do the work for you. Check out these healthy eating resources.” (EverySchool)

The resources offered by EverySchool are on the following topics:

  • Breakfast and concentration – video
  • Eating and drinking – lesson plan
  • Energy Challenge – interactive
  • Five Types of food – Interactive
  • Watch what you eat – interactive
  • Food chains – video
  • Food Glorious Food – lesson plan
  • Food needed by the human body – video
  • Food Types – Interactive
  • Foodies – Interactive
  • Germ Watch – Printable

BBC Schools – Has an archived page which may be useful about Health and Growth.

Food a Fact of Life – Shares the British Nutrition Foundation schemes of work linked to the new curriculum. There are lots of resources shared here.

The Amazing Lunchbox – This site is also shared by the Food A Fact of Life website. Food investigators learn all about healthy lunch boxes.

 Hampshire County shares a freely available downloadable pdf document entitled Healthy Body and Healthy Eating. It forms the basis of a whole project on food and nutrition for KS2 children, very useful!

The Great Grub Club – Shares a whole set of lesson plans for KS1 and KS2. What is really different here is that cancer is mentioned and recommendations for cancer prevention are added to the schemes of work.

Food and Nutrition