Firework Fun and Safety

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Firework Fun and SafetyTeaching Firework Safety

As we are approaching  Bonfire Night this post of Firework Fun and Safety offers a few links which can be used to teach about firework safety in class. This first link is probably the most important –   ROSPA Safety Leaflets and School Packs – helping teachers teach firework safety.

The National Health Service has compiled a list of facts about fireworks – many of these are quite awful! Horrifying facts about fireworks

Be safe with fireworks – a matching game to revise firework safety.

Firework Literacy – Writing Starter

This Key Stage Two  creative writing lesson starter  from Teacher’s Media involves fireworks and can be used to spark the imagination of primary pupils. (Login needed – sign up is free)

Firework Fun and Safety – Homework Fun Links :

Control the sparkler to write your name –  learn about sparkler safety in the process.

Create your own fireworks – choose the colour and style to the 1812 Overture!

Firework safety games – a whole set of firework resources.

Matching rockets to detonators –  a good mouse control exercise for Key Stage One.

Make a firework display – there is also lots of other bonfire night information on this school site.

Disney Fireworks – add firework styles, choose colours and add them to a timeline to make a beautiful display.