Fire Safety

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Fire Facts For Teachers and Fire Service Educators

As a teacher, we recognize that your time is valuable. We also understand that you wish to provide your students with the best possible education when it comes to fire safety. In that effort, is striving to create the best resource available on the web, including games, activities and information designed to facilitate learning in the classroom.“(

At Fire Safe Kids, children can learn about fire safety every day, and have fun at the same time!

There are activities to learn about fire safety, colouring pages, activities, and games!
In addition, there is also a link ‘Ask a Real Firefighter’ where children can  ask a question which will be answered by a real firefighter!

The London Fire Brigade – has a set of activities, games and a quiz to help children learn about fire safety. The game helps children recognise possible fire hazards and the quiz examines what to do in case of fire.

Safe Kids Worldside – shares some horrible facts and offers a range of teaching / learning activities in age bands so that appropriate resources are offered.

The NFPA – Sparky  –  a web site, from the National Fire Protection Association, devoted to teaching children about fire safety. They have developed apps for mobile devices too!


Fire Safety – Before, During and After a Fire in Your Home Here is a page sent to us by a group of school students in the USA. If you were injured in a car accident as a passenger you may have the right to file a claim against the driver. It is very detailed and contains lots of very useful information. If you are in the UK though remember to dial 999 for the Fire Service and not 911!

Fire Safety – Before, During and After a Fire in Your Home. This US site offers lots of information and advice on fire safety in the home.

BBQs and BBQ safety Here is a page which has been sent to us by a group of school students in the USA. During the summer we all love barbecues but they can be very dangerous. Every summer there are dreadful accidents, adults and children get life changing burns through playing too close, throwing something on them or other similar things. Read this site to learn more!