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Fiction Express is an interesting project. It is an entirely new concept in fiction publishing for students aged 7–12,  enabling readers to engage with their favourite authors by allowing them to contribute to the plot.

Every Friday at 3pm Fiction Express publishes a new chapter in one of their e-books. Each of the chapters ends with a cliffhanger,  which the children must vote on to influence where the plot should go next.  Monday and Tuesday gives participating schools time to read the new chapter and cast their vote on the next stage of the story.  The author then writes the next chapter, in ‘real time’, according to what the readers chose.

Teacher resources are shared each week, these may include comprehension questions, cross curricular ideas and worksheets.

See E-Book and Teacher Resource Examples Here

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A subscription to Fiction Express for Schools costs £249 + VAT and offers 12 interactive e-books per year. However, they do offer a three week free trial. Sign up here. All of your pupils can access the e-books (both at home and in school) as part of the subscription. The ebooks can be read on computers, tablets, smart phones etc.

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