Famous Expeditions and Different Explorers

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Famous ExplorersThis set of links about famous expeditions and their different explorers offers lots of background information about the explorers and their discoveries. As well as continuing with our current exploration theme, the links could be useful for children who are doing their own historical research projects.

Top 10 Famous Explorers and Expeditions Information on some well-known expeditions.

This is for good readers and teachers but adds interesting additions to the general curriculum coverage.

  • Neil Armstrong’s First Steps on the Moon
  • Christopher Columbus’ Discovery of the New World
  • Sir Edmund Hillary and the First Successful Everest Expedition
  • Lewis and Clark and the Expansion into the West
  • Stanley’s Search for Livingstone
  • The Travels of Marco Polo
  • Ferdinand Magellan and the First Circumnavigation of the Earth
  • Charles Darwin’s Journey on the HMS Beagle
  • Hernan Cortes and the Fall of the Aztec Empire
  • Roald Amundsen’s Search for the Northwest Passage

Famous Explorers  – This site gives a general overview of a few of the most famous explorers including: Armstrong, Marco Polo, Vasco da Gama, Columbus, Magellan, Cortes, Lewis and Clark, John Smith, Vespucci, Pizarro, Cook, Cabot and several more. What is great is that looking through this page gives a much wider perspective of what was happening in the world of exploration, including modern times with underwater and space exploration.

Famous Explorers 1400-1600 – This site concentrates on the Elizabethan Era. There is a whole timeline in table format of explorers, dates and what they did.

Top Ten British Explorers – Adds a few newer names to the list such as Ranulph Fiennes, Alexander Mackenzie and Robert Falcon Scott.