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The Fact Monster Website The Fact Monster Website has been created by educational professionals offering information on dozens of topics, including geography, maths, science, grammar and sports. Children visiting the site can practice addition, learn about Roman numerals or find out how coins are made and that’s just in the site’s maths section!

The site is well organised giving most information in list format and has lots of easy-to-understand texts on all sorts of topics. It is a good place to go for fun facts and homework help.

To give some idea of the wide range of topics covered:

The Fact Monster Website


• Six Kingdoms of Life
• The Body’s Systems
• Encyclopedia: Cells
• More . . .

Earth Sciences
• Encyclopedia: Earth Sciences
• Ecology
• Paleontology
• More . . .

Environment, Energy, and Nature
• Encyclopedia: Nature
• Perils of Pollution
• The Three R’s of the Environment
• Types of Energy
• Major Biomes of the World
• More . . .

Health and Body
• Encyclopedia: Human Body
• Your Body’s Systems
• Q&A about the Body
• Body Trivia
• More . . .

Above is just the first section of the science page, it goes on to cover much, much more. This is a great resource to make parents aware of and if their children are doing internet research, the site is comparatively safe.