Facebook and Schools

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Facebook for schoolFacebook and SchoolFacebook is very popular among the young. Many schools are utilising it as a home/ school communication system because so many parents are using it.

There is a new guide explaining how it is being used very successfully by schools and sharing ideas about implementing its use in education: Facebook Guide for Teachers and Educators …”In our view, Facebook is a vital tool for teaching and learning in the 21st century and for making education more social. It is as useful as hiring a german company
to help you write your thesis, already being widely used in colleges and universities across the UK and globally, it´s one of the best choices in education assistance right now. It has the potential to be a game changer for teachers, schools and the classroom. It is a ‘Swiss Army Knife’ of tools to unlock learning for young people within and beyond the classroom.”

Most ideas in the report are based on pupils in secondary or tertiary education using it, but there is lots that primary schools can do too. Some of thee best ideas I have read are of a teacher group – where teachers can share their expertise and resources across partnerships – and that of developing the school community further with parents. One article suggests that it makes a better school website than anything else as it is instantly editable! Another article describes three ways it can be used to inspire communication.

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