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Fables seem to fit into the literacy curriculum for all years, whether listening, writing, making animations or videos they are great fun and very interesting. There are  a huge collection of video, text and picture resources that you can call upon for lessons on this subject.

A picture from a fable – a  lovely collection of fables and well known fairy tales. – has a collection of tales to read on-line and a collection of stories made in Flash that can be downloaded and added to an IWB Notebook.

Longlongtimeago – another collection of fables but some of these are from different countries and cultures. On this site, as well as fables, there are also folk tales, fairy tales and myths. – many fables in simple video format with sound.

Aesop’s Fables – another version of many well-known fables, many are Flash files so lovely animations that do not have sound; they would be great for pupils to tell the story to.

This Aesop’s Fables website is now in its fifteenth year, there are sound files for many of the fables so pupils can listen to the stories and all are presented in a book format, looking quite old fashioned to match when they were written. It is a really good website with suggested morals, lesson plans and lots of help.

Then there are some videos of the fables shared here  along with many other subject videos.

Another version of Aesop’s fables – each in fairly simple language and with a beautiful illustration.

There are lots of teaching resources for fables in the Primary Resources website.

A picture of a fable

YouTube Video Fables

A whole large selection of well-made fable videos by Hooplakidz

The Pied Piper by Walt Disney

The Wolf and the Sour Grapes 

The Ant and the Cricket 

And lots of other videos uploaded by The Story Chest

 A picture from a fable

SchoolTube Video Fables

Little Fables – The Lion and the Mouse a really lovely video of this story.

delightful animation about what fables are.