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Tornado Hero Image_WikimediaThis is a collection of extreme weather links for  teachers and pupils who may be studying weather, or undertaking an Extreme Earth topic in the classroom. If you know of any good sites to add, please let us know.

Extreme Weather in the UK – UK extremities in the weather are covered well on this site by the UK Met Office Learning Section.

Kids Ahead – Offers a set of links to Extreme Weather around the world, it is useful as it is has lots of children’s activities linked to weather, including links to lesson plans, games, etc.

Kids Know the Facts – This site offers a ‘Be Empowered Play the Disaster’ game. It is a site created by the Government of the USA to teach children all about extreme weather so that they can protect themselves.

Extreme Weather Links

GCSE Bitesize – This site has information about UK Extreme Weather which may be useful for teachers

Science Kids – Offers fun weather facts.

The National Weather Service (USA) – This site shares lots of useful extreme weather information as well as general weather facts. It writes about hurricanes, tornadoes, storms, and floods.

Extreme Weather Links


Oddizzi Extreme Weather – Oddizzi have created a site about extreme weather; unfortunately, it is a subscription only site but it does offer a free trial.

“People around the world experience different weather conditions every day and on the whole they are pretty mild. However the weather isn’t always that predictable, some types of weather can be extremely powerful and destructive. In this section we look at types of weather that have the potential to cause a huge amount of damage and destruction to the people living within its range. Come with us and discover the world of twistershurricanesmonsoonsfloods and droughts.”(Oddizzi)