Extreme Earth – Volcanoes

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volcanoesThe following links have been brought together to provide information for teachers and pupils studying about volcanoes:

“A volcano is a mountain that opens downward to a pool of molten rock below the surface of the earth. When pressure builds up, eruptions occur. Gases and rock shoot up through the opening and spill over or fill the air with lava fragments. Eruptions can cause lateral blasts, lava flows, hot ash flows, mudslides, avalanches, falling ash and floods. Volcano eruptions have been known to knock down entire forests. An erupting volcano can trigger tsunamis, flash floods, earthquakes, mudflows and rockfalls.” (Weather Wiz)

In addition to the above definition, there is lots of useful information to be found about the different sorts of volcanoes from Weather Wiz Kids.

Woodland School Homework Help – This site has a clear and helpful page of information about volcanoes.

Fun Volcano Facts – From Science Kids: “Check out these fun volcano facts for kids. Learn about hot magma, famous eruptions, volcanoes on other planets, volcanic gases, flowing lava and more. Enjoy our wide range of strange and interesting facts about volcanoes.”(Science Kids)

Educational Videos for Kids – Offers a great set of videos suitable for all ages as well as a quiz and puzzles about volcanoes.

What is a Volcano? Facts & Information by Mocomi Kids – This video gives a very clear set of facts illustrated and narrated:

Easy Science for Kids  – Has a set of volcano facts. It also has a very clear, labelled diagram and a more advanced, real photos and filmed footage recorded into a video.

Learning 4 Kids – Gives instructions on making a home-made volcano with papier mache, vinegar and baking powder.

3D Geography  – Offers some free, printable worksheets which may be useful.

The TES – Offers a Volcanoes Workbook which may be suitable for year 6 pupils.

Enchanted Learning – Offers various volcano activities.