Extreme Earth – Landslides

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landslide 1Extreme Earth – Landslides. Landslides are part of the Earth’s happenings which we have no control over. They are always on hills and are often linked with heavy rains and snow melting where the excess water is absorbed into the top layer of the Earth’s structure, making it very heavy so that eventually it moves with dreadful effect. The landslide is so heavy it crushes and buries everything in its path and as it is going downhill, it gets faster and faster, gathering more material on the way and often getting heavier as it travels.

Basic Planet – Shares information about lots of different landslides.

Kids Britannica – Offers simple information about landslides, as well as: mud flows, rock falls and avalanches.

There  is a really useful ‘Landslides and Debris Flows’ information sheet (downloadable link below) which was created for children in the US but it may also prove useful to teachers in this country too.


WeatherWiz Kids – Offers some interesting information and pictures which may be useful to teachers planning to teach this topic, such as the biggest ever landslide!

Geology for Kids – This geology site gives lots of geographical explanations for various reasons for landslides. It is quite an in-depth resource.

The following mudslide video is suitable for children as it shows the dreadful power of a landslide  – without showing the killing of people, or the destroying of homes:

Scientific American – Offers a hands-on science experiment: ‘Sliding Science: How are landslides caused?’ This could make a god demonstration lesson.