Extreme Earth – Earthquakes

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EarthquakeEvery year about 100,000 earthquakes rumble around the world.

We are very lucky in the UK that here they are all very minor. However, in some countries earthquakes are part of a pupil’s everyday life.

The following links have been brought together to provide information for teachers and pupils studying about earthquakes:

Earthquakes for Kids – A great site including animations, photographs, games and the scientific background available for children.

Weather Wizkids – Has good information about earthquakes, there is lots of data and includes a glossary of earthquake words, the Richter scale and all about Tsunamis.

Science Kids – Offers Earth Facts: “Check out our interesting earthquake facts for kids. Find a range of information that will teach you what causes earthquakes as well as some examples of notable earthquakes that have shaken countries around the world in recent times.”(Science Kids)

eSchoolToday – Offers an introduction too Earthquakes and Tsunamis.

National Geographic Earthquake Video – This is a good visual demonstration of how an earthquake happens. The video that follows it is about tsunamis. This film is pretty horrible; it is not suitable for young children!

Easy Science for Kids – Has a page showing a damaged road and a seismic measuring machine, and fun facts.

Ducksters – Explains a little about foreshocks and aftershocks, also it touches on seismic waves and the Richter scale.

Extreme Earth - Earthquakes

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