Using Sticky Notes on an ePost-it wall

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A modern and interesting way of gathering feedback, ideas and brainstorm thoughts is to use an ePost-it wall. Pupils are quickly engaged by this use of technology and writing notes electronically also has the advantage that notes can easily be shared and saved.

Things you can do with sticky notes on a shared wall…

  • Collaborate with others on one wall to share a task
  • Share ideas
  • Take and make notes to share
  • Gather evaluation and feedback
  • Ask for learners to make key points form lessons as revision / learning assessment
  • Make team / group To-do lists
  • Party Invitations, birthday wishes, other celebration wishes from groups
  • Anything that might need input from a lot of people – agenda items, discussions , planning events such as trips, parties, weddings
  • Collaborative brainstorms – what do we already know, what do we want to find out etc.

Below are three very well known ePost-it note creators which are available as free apps for the iPod Touch and iPad.

Wallwisher –  allows quite a lot of style work so you can personalise the wall:

A wallwisher wall picture

Linoit –  Pupils can change the colour of their notes and Linioit has an app for smart phones (link to a video tutorial):

A Linoit wall image


Corkboard –  a simple noticeboard:

A Corkboard wall image