Encourage Mindfulness in Children

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Mindfulness“ Mindfulness is about being fully aware of living, right now, in this moment. Research has shown that being mindful is good for us. It can have long term benefits for our health and happiness.”(Hands on Scotland)  This Scottish website explains all about what it is, how it can help and also offers ideas of how to get started.

The following collection of links will help teachers think more about what mindfulness is, how it can help children, and how they bring it into the classroom and the lives of the young.

There have been many positive outcomes associated with mindfulness training. Research suggests that practicing it can:

  • Improve children’s health, making them less stressed and less likely to develop illness.
  • Increase empathy among those who practise it.
  • Enhance relationships making schools life easier, with less bullying.
  • Improve concentration and consequently improve children’s performance in school.
  • Have a calming effect, particularly useful for children displaying ADHD symptoms.

Mindful Teachers – offers lots of exercises to develop mindfulness with children and also adds lesson plans. It is a great starting point. There are videos, songs, exercises and many links to other resources.

Mindful activities – for children and teens, 25 Fun Exercises – this site starts with a list of ways in which mindfulness can help children, it includes improving social skills, attention and mental health and well being.

10 Ways to Teach Mindfulness to Kids – this site is really concentrating on how to develop it in the home rather than school but some of the activities may be adapted to sit the classroom.

MindBodyGreen – many exercises on these pages are the same, but each site adds a few new exercises to try out!