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Open Culture1-open_culture_white is a US website which catalogues hundreds of educational resources free for use in primary schools! Open Culture is an Open Educational Resources (OER) repository.


Open Educational Resources (OER) are freely accessible, openly licensed documents and media that are useful for teaching, learning, and assessing as well as for research purposes.  It is the leading trend in the distance education/open and distance learning domain as a consequence of the openness movement. Although some people consider the use of an open file format to be an essential characteristic of OER, this is not a universally acknowledged requirement.” (Wikipedia)

The Open Culture site opens with the following statement:

“This collection provides a list of free educational resources for K-12 students (kindergarten through high school students) and their parents and teachers. It features free video lessons/tutorials;  free audiobooks, ebooks and textbooks;  quality YouTube channels;  free foreign language lessons;  test prep materials; and free mobile apps. It also has free web resources in academic subjects like literature, history, science and computing. This newly-released list is a work in progress. Please tell us if we’re missing something good.” (Open Culture)

The site does provide an amazing collection and it is worth having a good look at, especially for free books and language teaching resources:

  • Free Audio Books, eBooks and Textbooks
  • Foreign Languages
  • Video Lessons/Tutorials
  • Art & Visual Culture (Web Resources)
  • Geography (Web Resources)
  • History & Politics (An American perspecitive)
  • Literature (Web Resources)
  • Mathematics (Web Resources)
  • Music (Web Resources)
  • Philosophy (Web Resources)
  • Science (Web Resources)
  • Technology (Web Resources)
  • Educational Apps (Mostly for iPhone/iPad)
  • YouTube Channels
  • Test Prep (Web Resources)
  • General Reference (Web Resources)
  • Teacher and Parent Resources


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