Educational Christmas Activities and Games

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Christmas CandyEducational Christmas Activities and Games. There are lots of educational Christmas activities and games which may be useful as homework for the Christmas holiday. It is always difficult to gauge how much homework to set for the holidays, but games which are fun to play may be a real success and can be used for revision in many subjects. There are also Christmas stories to read and videos to watch.

Interactive Sites for Education – Has a fair selection of online Christmas activities and games.

Top Marks  Christmas Maths – Is a useful resource for leading up to the end of term, which includes a range of great number activities aimed at Year 1 pupils (5 – 6 years). It can be used either by individuals or on an interactive whiteboard.

Digital Learning for Wales – Lots of resources at this site including a very impressive site for anyone studying World War One . They also host a lovely version of the Christmas Story for the young

The Elves at the North Pole – This site has a games chest to share.

– This is for older children.

Christmas Story in Sand Drawings – A very unusual version of the traditional story from CBeebies.

Why – Hosts a Three Minute Animation of the Christmas Story.

Christmas Present Sorting – (Maths, sorting according to size or shape)   suitable for KS1, could be played on laptops or the IWB.

Send Santa a Letter – He will reply, chat with elves, read stories, explore – there is so much for children in this site it is hard to know where to start!

Christmas Printables – Bookmarks, Greetings cards, gift tags and more

Printable Christmas Games  and Christmas Worksheet Creator 

Making Paper Snowflakes – Always a favourite in primary school at the first fall of snow (Maths) even if it is not Christmas.

Christmas Games for Primary School Aged Children

Christmas Customs Around the World – Details of Christmas customs from around the World.

Christmas Story Animation Video on You Tube. The whole nativity story animated, this is quite complex as it is biblical language, but very charming.

Finally, ‘Presents in the Snow’ Christmas Game (Needs Flash Player):