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education QuizzesThe Education Quizzes website provides exactly what it says, a massive set of quizzes on all different subjects.

” The Education Quizzes website has become extremely popular with students throughout the country and now we would like to prove its usefulness to teachers and tutors. Bona fide teachers and tutors are able to use the Education Quizzes website free of charge for any number of classes that they teach. Setting online, entertaining homework has never been so easy.” (Education Quizzes)

All of the quizzes are written by teachers and are closely aligned to the needs of learners covering the National Curriculum. Teachers can enrol their class and make an account for every student. When the students start using the quizzes the teacher can see a report showing their students’ marks. It should be easy to identify areas of weakness or misunderstanding in the class.

The student accounts are controlled by the teacher who can deal with password issues and delete accounts and add new ones as necessary.

This is ideal homework material and the teacher has an overview to see as soon as the homework has been done, or not! There is nothing to mark and the results are there to see in the teacher’s account.

There are quizzes in all subjects, hundreds of them, click here to visit the site map to see the lists!

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There is no doubt, this is a very useful and totally free resource for teachers!

Example Quizzes

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Education Quizzes



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Education Quizzes