Earthworms, Centipedes and Millipedes

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Earthworms Centipedes and MillipedesEarthworms Centipedes and Millipedes are some of the minibeasts which can be found in everyone’s back garden, on the school field and in many other places; they are common to all areas of the country.


Worms are so well-known to children, they are long segmented tubular hermaphrodites, without a skeleton! As they are so unusual, they are fun and interesting to study.

Spotty Green Frog – This site shares 10 interesting facts about earthworms.

Science with me – Provides a section called Learning about Earthworms. This is a lovely easy to read site with good information and a great diagram.


Centipedes are very similar creatures. They are well known to children and are something like short worms, except they have lots of very tiny legs! Each segment, and there is always an odd number of those, has a pair of very tiny legs.

Easy Science for KIDS – This site has a page about Centipedes and Millipedes with some really good photographs, a video and some simple information. There is also a quiz and downloadable worksheet available too.

Buglife  – Offers a page on the Common Centipede – this site is based on centipedes in the UK.

Centipedes Facts  – This site is better for older children, with lots more information but no pictures it is simple bullet points of text.



Kidzsearch – This is one of the best millipede sites and has a useful page on this topic.

Bugfacts – Provides a page, ‘Facts about a Millipede’.

Earthworms Centipedes and Millipedes