Earth In Space

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Earth in SpaceThis is a  is a whole set of – Earth in Space – web links to provide easy access to games and many other resources for teachers, who are planning space science lessons, and for children – either at home or in the classroom. If you have some great links that you would like to see on this page please send them to us so that we can add them!

BBC Bitesize Earth Sun Moon It’s Clyde’s birthday tomorrow, but the planets’ orbits are in a mess. Hurry – help the Sarah Jane Adventures team put them back in order!

BBC Science Clips  Earth Sun and Moon 

A massive bank of Astronomy Educational Web Sites

A wonderful set of Earth and Space resources from Woodlands School

From Fourmilab Earth and Moon Viewer

Moon Challenge A lunar Cycle Challenge

Planet Size Comparison and interactive site from

ICT Games: The Solar System

EverySchool from Crickweb Earth in Space links