Earth and Space

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Here are a number of games and links to sites about the Earth and Space which may prove useful for topic work. If you know of a good one that could be added, please let us know.

StarChild – A Learning Centre for Young Astronomers. This is a good site for learning about the solar system and the universe. There are two levels of resources.

Astronomy for Kids – Study outer space, the universe and space travel. There are games and a dictionary here to help learning.

Planets for Kids – An amazing site about the planets written by a young boy and his father!

Virtual Solar System – This site created by National Geographic is a great introduction to the solar system and its planets.

NASA Kids’ Club NASA Kids’ Club has educational games, engaging multimedia and visuals, and educational activities to cover K-4 students’ developmental and learning abilities as addressed in national education standards in mathematics, science and technology.

Space for Kids – Go beyond our planet and explore the fun topic of space for kids with our range of fun facts, free games, cool videos, interesting quizzes, science fair projects and more!

Amazing Space – Amazing Space has a vast collection of amazing Hubble telescope images.  There is also a set of online explorations to start to develop children’s understanding of astronomy.

Space Games for Children –  Educational games are a great tool for building foundation math and language skills that today’s elementary school curriculum requires.

Welcome To The Planets – Welcome to the planets has been around for a very long time but it has been updated so is still current.  This site is great for older pupils, it contains many facts such as the length of their year and the distance from the sun, but also there is more advanced data that children may not understand.

The Space Place – The games on The Space Place are related to NASA missions. There is a list of all the missions on this site.

Space Kids – A site that has articles for children from 4 to 12. These may help with homework, or teach budding astronauts to understand what it takes to make it to space!

Earth from Space – Play with this clickable map to see where you live on Earth looks like from space!

Earth and Moon Viewer – This is a useful site to demonstrate how the world can be light in some places and dark in others.

Space Janitor – A game provided by National Geographic.

Building the International Space Station – The International Space Station is being built 250 miles above the earth. This site gives pupils an opportunity to learn about the Space Station, how astronauts live in space, and lots more.

Extreme Science: Space – Extreme science shares information about the solar system, the sun the moon and shows you how the Earth was formed.

Travel to The Sky – Explore the cosmos, astronomy and space explorations.

ESA Space for Kids  – The European Space Agency (ESA) was started in 1975 and is made up of 20 countries. Most of these countries are too small to take part in big space projects on their own. By working together as a team, they can play an important part in many different space activities.