Earth Day 2016

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Brandon SchaferEarthDay2016It is Earth Day 2016 on Friday and here are some more sites to inspire ideas and provide topics that classes can do to celebrate or study:

Storyboard That – This site has shared some teaching resources linked in with a free teacher trial of Storyboard That. Even without the free trial, using the site may actually offer something to inspire!

Earth Day is a day for appreciating our planet, and reminding ourselves of good habits. Use less energy, produce less waste, and help restore dwindling species of plants and animals alike. How are you going to save the planet?

Issues like climate change, the consumption of fossil fuels, industrial pollution, littering, endangered animals, and so on, affect future generations. Students need to know what environmental problems there are so they, as an upcoming generation, can take steps to solve those problems.

By the end of this lesson your students will create amazing storyboards like the ones below!!“(Storyboard That)
Earth Day 2016
Glacier Works – Offers a really interesting graphic on its front page. It shows the difference in the glaciers over the Himalayas over a period of years, Children would easily spot the difference as it changes. The graphic is an animation which plays over and over again.