Earth Day 2015 – Links to Help Celebrate

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Earth Day 2015,  took place on April 22, NASA and the National Science Foundation (NSF) celebrate 20 years of international cooperation and collaboration to engage students, scientists, and teachers in 114 countries in the scientific exploration of Earth’s environments and climate.

NASA has lots of resources for educators

NASA Resources for students

and Nasa Kids’ Club which has fun exercises and games based on maths, ICT and science at five different difficulty levels.

Earth Day 2015

There are also tips for keeping children safe whilst online:

Online Safety Tips for Teachers

Tips for children: Learn about what you can do to protect your privacy online.

Other really good sites for Earth day, and beyond are:

There are lots of ideas for activities which can be done all around the school and grounds, in the classroom or at home. Now is a very good time to teach children all about the environment. Although, this post follows the actual day that Earth Day happened, why not make the most of Earth Day 2015’s good ideas and resources?