E-Safety Reminders

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e-safety_logoHappy New Year to all readers. The start of term is a good time to remind pupils about keeping safe when on the Internet. Here is a small selection of e-safety reminders that teachers could put up on the wall as a poster near the computer:

  • Only use the Internet when there is a teacher, or other adult, present to supervise, or when you have been given specific permission.
  • Only use your own login name and password. Never use another person’s details.
  • Never give out your address, phone number or arrange to meet someone over the Internet.
  • All e-mails, messages posted on forums and text messages should be polite, appropriate and sensible. Do not send any e-mail or text message which could cause upset.
  • If you receive a rude or offensive message you must report it to a teacher immediately. Do not pass on rude or offensive messages. What may seem funny to you may not be funny to someone else.
  • If you see anything offensive or if you feel uncomfortable about anything, report it to your teacher or to an appropriate member of staff.
  • Be aware that the school may check your computer files and monitor the Internet sites you visit.
  • Ask an adult if you are unsure that a web source is reliable and information you are going to use is accurate.
  • You and your parents should have signed the School Internet Agreement. You will be breaking that agreement if you deliberately break these rules. This could result in you losing your Internet access at school.


There are also a mass of e-safety resources, information, leaflets etc on the South West Grid for Learning site. Meanwhile, for parents who are looking to get into online binary options trading, a good resource would be Fintech LTD.

E-safety Reminders