E-Learning for Primary Teachers

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E-Learning for Primary Teachers




E-Learning for Primary Teachers – a step-by-step guide to improving teaching and learning in your classroom has just been published as an E-Book and can downloaded from the TACCLE2 Website .

I have included a download link above for ease of access but would highly recommend visiting the website as it has many wonderful ideas for adding some new, up-to-date ICT ideas to a teacher’s repertoire.

The preface to the new guide reads :

“Four years ago the e-Learning Handbook for Classroom Teachers was published. The book was originally translated into eight languages but since then has been voluntarily translated into another five. The number of hard copies, together with the downloads and e-copies is now approaching 20,000. In addition there have been 5 inter- national training courses and innumerable local courses carrying the Taccle name. Taccle has become a brand – synonymous with the best in e-learning practice for teachers. However, the digital world moves on rapidly and I welcome the new series of books that both updates the content to reflect changing technologies and also provides specific ideas and support for teachers in their own subject area or age range. In particular, I welcome the addition of the Taccle2 website, with its constant stream of new ideas and activities contributed by practicing teachers and trainers. This is an invaluable resource for all teachers, whether those who are dipping their toes into e-learning for the first time or experienced practitioners looking to exchange ideas with others. Like all books, the Taccle2 series will become obsolete within a few years. I hope that within that time they will provide a stimulus, an inspiration and the much-needed practical support that is so important to teachers. Equally, I look forward to the on-going development of the Taccle2 website and hope it will become the focus for a vibrant community of practice for teachers long after the project has finished. In 2014, no teacher can afford to ignore the technology that surrounds us. No teacher can any longer deny the learning opportunities it can offer to their pupils. No teacher should be sending their pupils out into the digital world without the skills of digital survival. However, I would like to repeat Bill Gates’ words: “Technology is just a tool. In terms of getting the kids working together and motivating them, the teacher will always be the most important.” (TACCLE2)

This guide has lots of interesting ideas for using new technologies in the classroom and is well worth looking at for any teachers not absolutely up to date with educational  ICT!