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DT BuildingAny project about castles, building or architecture will probably need some Design and Technology building work to supplement it. Here are various building projects suitable for children.

Adventures in Education – This site provides medium term plans and a whole unit of work based on Shelters. These are all free to download.

Teach It Primary – Has downloadable instructions for making an Iron Age round house, a Norman Castle and the Three Little Pig’s House nd their embroidery designs online.

Primary Resources – Has lots of downloadable sheets about making shelters and Bridges.

The BBC – Offers a video clip on emergency shelters and humanitarian relief for KS2. The clip also covers some material on construction, materials and architecture.

The TES – Shares a freely downloadable medium term D&T plan for building an Anderson Shelter.

The Homeschool Scientist – Offers 100 Engineering Projects for Kids. All the projects involve building, in some form or other and they are for all ages! Bridges, boats, hovercraft, rockets, a waterwheel, a wind turbine,  a sail-boat and a roller coaster are among the many offerings!

TeachersPet – This site offers a working castle drawbridge project for free download.

Teaching Cave  – Shares a KS1 resource on building a castle.  It also has a great range of other KS1 castle resources including:

  • Castles Around the World – a PowerPoint presentation to show your class different castles from around the world.
  • Castle Features – a worksheet that gives your children the opportunity to learn key vocabulary linked to castles and label the parts of the castle shown.
  • The Sand Castle – a short film showing a story of sand animals creating a sand castle. Use it to introduce children to the topic of castles.
  • Castles in the UK- explore the castles in any region of the UK.
  • Explore The Castle – children learn about the parts and people of a castle.
  • Barnaby Visits Edinburgh Castle – “Barnaby Bear visits Edinburgh Castle, built on a big rock. A foot soldier from the time of Robert the Bruce helps to show Barnaby around. Barnaby learns about the different levels or wards of the castle and their defences. These include the portcullis, turns in the staircases and the cannons. Following tradition, the cannons are fired each day at one o’clock.

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