Drawio – a Diagram Making Resource for Teachers

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Drawio - a Teacher Diagram Making ResourceDrawio – a Diagram Making Resource for Teachers is a great web site to add to any teacher’s tool kit. It provides free online access to many diagram templates and also offers a full set of shapes enabling teachers to create their own! Diagrams can be saved to the creator’s computer, Google Drive or Dropbox.


How to use Drawio

I started a new blank diagram and gave it a name.  I then placed a container box on the page – the first one top left of the range of shapes available. I uploaded my picture from my computer and it automatically fitted itself into the container.  ThDrawio - a Teacher Diagram Making Resourceere are a massive range of additional shaped boxes that could be added but I decided to go for simple rectangles to place my information.  I could then have added loads of boxes in appropriate places for the children to add names and descriptions, as required. Building a database such as this is just one of the many ideas that I can envisage for this simple diagramming tool. Apart from the blank page there are a wonderful range of templates that could be useful in the classroom.

One of the great things about using this tool is that it can save to Dropbox or Google Drive – so any images created can be used time and time again from any computer that you are using!