DKfindout! The Ultimate Classroom Tool for Teachers

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DKfindoutDKfindout! is a new resource for teachers and is advertised by the company as being: ‘The ultimate classroom tool for teachers.’

DKfindout! is a flexible, free online tool which allows you to create stimulating teaching material using DK’s clear, highly visual content across core subjects.

  • Find safe, reliable, age-appropriate text and images, backed up with sound, video, and animation
  • Create and organize individual lesson plans
  • Access anywhere on computer, tablet, or phone” (DKfindout)

This resource from Dorling Kindersley is a secure site where children can explore a whole range of resources that are freely available. It could be great used as a homework resource as it is free, child friendly and provides good quality data! The company is also developing a  lesson planning resource with easy to access content that is subject based and curriculum linked, with articles that are being updated regularly.


In addition, children can also search the Internet using a very simple and safe search engine whilst on the site:


Out of interest, I have registered at DKfindout! as a teacher and created a simple lesson plan! There is lots of DK material available, all from their well-known books, which can be added. The content is all child-friendly and the teacher can add notes and edit their lesson plan very easily. Firstly click on the subject area, then all the snippets of information that are available are listed – add the ones that you want to your plan.


My lesson plan is called Hour of Code:


I added three snippets, as you can see from the picture and  I could add notes to each section if I wished. Below is a sample of the lesson snippets which I added to my lesson.


This resource is definitely one to watch and see how it develops. I think it could be great for homework, or maybe for SEN work where children are needing something extra at either end of the scale.