DIY Lake Science

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DIY Lake ScienceDIY Lake Science is a free app for iPad and iPhones.

The app allows families and educators to investigate and learn about lakes and other freshwater ecosystems at home, at school, or anywhere they are.  It was developed by UC Berkeley’s The Lawrence Hall of Science.

Under the Lake

In this section of the app, children can explore what happens under a lake’s surface.  There is an Under the Lake simulation, where children can explore how lakes change across the seasons, in different climates, and for different lake sizes.



The app includes twelve hands-on activities to learn about freshwater ecosystems. Each activity includes step-by-step instructions that have been tested by teachers, children and family members. Resources needed for the activities are the sort of things you are already likely to have easy access to – such as: string, paper plates, paint, masking tape, a stapler etc. There is a clear list on each of the activities of what is needed. Safety considerations are also pointed out.



There is a whole set of videos of lakes and other freshwater ecosystems around the world! These videos teach about the plants and animals that live in lakes and how people can care for lakes.