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The Cover of Digital Story Telling - a free e-book

Silvia Tolisano is an expert on digital storytelling and is the author of an excellent free ebook on that subject. How-To-Guide – Digital Storytelling – Tools for Educators is a 120 page guide to using digital storytelling tools in the classroom.

It is available from however, when I went to get the book Lulu offered me the real book (i.e. the paid-for version). If that happens scroll right down to the bottom and you will see the free pdf version. I had to log in to download however, registration is free and it was worth the struggle to get this really useful book. The guide starts by explaining what digital stories are, then goes on to explain in detail how to make a “Treasure Hunt in Egypt” in Google Earth.

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Richard Byrne also has created a free downloadable ebook this time giving the details of ten different digital story making projects that may inspire you to carry out something similar in your class!  Richard writes about his project here: freetech4teacher but the easiest place to download it from is

This book has some lovely projects including the use of Powerpoint to tell stories, collecting and recording the oral tradition. It gives ideas for poems and interviews.



These are two free e-books that are not to be missed – there is something here for everyone.