Digital Story Telling

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Digital Story TellingDigital story telling has become a very important aspect in the modern world. Children have access to so much multi-media, much of which is free to use or self-created using technology. To bring it altogether in this way is a brilliant way to demonstrate creativity!

50 Ways to tell the Dominoe Story is a really useful site to demonstrate many digital story telling tools. Dominoe is a Dalmatian dog who features in the same story, created using all of the different tools illustrated. Teachers can see the end product, get an idea of how the process works, link to the site, and, in some cases get lesson plans too!

One of the good examples illustrated is the  Blabberize version where a photograph is used and a moving mouth is created by the software so that it looks as though the dog is telling the story.

Another interesting example is following the Pixton Comic strip version (below):

Digital Story Telling

Janet Bianchini’s Comics and Cartoons Blog is another great place to see comics being made. Using comics is a great way to get children engaged in writing; a whole story can be developed without too many words needed to make it viable in a young child’s mind. Not only that, the images offered may well inspire the child’s story!