Digital Passport Reminder for SID

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digital passport1As we get closer to Safer Internet Day 2015 , teachers who have not already investigated the Digital Passport may enjoy seeing what it has to offer. Previously, we have written about the apps but if you are not using mobile devices, it is still a great tool for classroom use. For teachers, there are classroom posters and resources to help teaching pupils about how to become a good digital citizen; and for children, there are games, puzzles, tips, quizzes and more in order to encourage them to be good digital citizens.

The Digital Passport

  • Students learn how and when it is good to use their mobile devices and also when it is rude to do so; they also consider how to use them.
  • Students learn about privacy, about what they should be sharing on line, when to do so and what is not safe to share, thinking about why it may not be good to share some things.
  • Students learn how to counter the effects of cyber bullying to standing against it.
  • Students learn about choosing good and safe keywords for searching and how to refine their searches for efficient searching.
  • Students learn to “mix and mash” covering copyright and crediting others for their work.

Digital Passport Reminder for SID