Digital Citizenship Starter Kit

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Digital Citizenship Starter KitCommon Sense Media and Remind have combined to create a Digital Citizenship Starter Kit aimed at schools ( download from the link below). The publication is set in bands for different age groups and it is basically a week long course for pupils and their parents. It comprises of  school / home exercises to encourage good online behaviours and broaden understanding.

“We are pleased to announce a Digital Citizenship Starter Kit from Common Sense Education and Remind. The kit contains one week’s worth of content, activities, and tips to help introduce all users to Remind’s two-way Chat while communicating the importance of safe digital communication:

  1. Teach an age-appropriate digital citizenship lesson
  2. Send students an activity via Remind
  3. Send parents a tip to parents via Remind”

(Quoted from the website)


As seen from the image below (click on it to enlarge), the format of the week consists of a classroom exercise each day and a supporting exercise to do at home, along with related parent tips.

Digital Citizenship Starter Kit