Different Ways of Using QR Codes in the Classroom

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Different ways of using QR Codes in the classroomQR codes are playing ever bigger roles in education as more and more children are able to access them on a huge range of devices.

Sites to Make QR Codes

QR Stuff. This is my personal favourite QR code site where you can make a colour QR code; making it is easy to catalogue them, or set up a system: yellow for website, red for text, blue for a video, etc. You simply choose what you want to be in your QR code from the list provided on the left, paste a link add text, or a picture, as you wish and it is created for you.

QR Code Generator. This is a very simple generator, monochrome only but easy!

Different ways of using QR Codes in the classroom

Teachers Using QR Codes

There are masses of ideas about how to use QR codes on this Pinterest Board. Many of these ideas include pre-made resources to carry them out; sadly they are mostly for buying. However, there is a lot of inspiration to be found there, even if you do not wish to buy anything.

Making an Interactive Art Display. I love this idea! I have seen a teacher do this exercise and also make an interactive museum and nature table in school.

The Daring Librarian site offers a Library Scavenger Hunt and there is also a Treasure Hunt QR Code generator available. I made village history quizzes for my pupils when we did a history walk around the village near our school.

Another teacher I worked with got students to write book reviews after they had read the book, then made the reviews into  QR codes and posted them into the books for other prospective readers to see. Lot so of people use them for web links, it makes it very easy for pupils on mobile devices to get to the right web page quickly.

More Inspiration for Teachers

Many of these sites also add QR code readers, apps, how to make them and lots more to their pages. If you have a great way that you are using QR codes, please share them with us and we can add them to this page.

Different ways of using QR Codes in the classroom